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To Open Slumber’s Vein

March 22, 2016

Blasted from my head and scattered to atoms
by the babbling bilge of others
I am a crumb cake
in their non-silence I dissolve
a chemical dissolution of spirit
tramped and stampled
brilliance snuffed
in dusty licensed mould
no matter how I long
for the licentious shellac
to be descaled and scrapped
so the old hat wit and wisdom
may be polished to a shine pedestrian
the coarse cat tongues of talk
keep the trowel at the wall
plastering on the stucco
over a wire and paper wrapped
garbage brain
more assured of its frail obviousness
than its obscure strengths
too easy it is to get interred
under majority opinion’s weight
a sad state
to avoid it
a cocoon to confuse
death and sleep
until I don’t know
no longer
one from the other
am I tired
or suicidal
discovery has two ways
the pillow and the razor blade