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Self Linguistic Flagellation

July 7, 2017

Awareness is cruelty
the alert mind to all
heart rhythms
respiration, digestion
totally awake to weight
and position of tongue
as sleep creeps in
the teeth
freshly flossed
chomping down upon
that broad pink worm they despise
the slippery muscled prick
using them for its pronunciation
dentition stomps
breeches skin and draws blood
to trickle down throat
and wake in choking pain
this insensate nothing
who calls itself human
an undesirous, boastful pig
snorting and wallowing in intestinal memories
as if it matters
strike down, white masters
make it bleed
grind its meat beneath your power
show that simpering slug its place
wake it up to its inconsequence
and forever after in the night
let it not rest again
as it ponders its self-made treachery
against its own sanity