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The Imperceptible

March 18, 2016

Between 3-out & 2-out
GenArk Drop-Spoor
in the wake of cataclysmic collision
limited by protocols
chose to discharge its load
in directions flawed and fatal
but felicitously bi-planetary

information of the event
propagated through the pods
but it was meagerly detailed
the ship had struck something
invisible, insensible, indeterminate
yet undoubtedly guided
possessed of agency
a guardian restricting access
still, despite it, humans survived
on two worlds
habitable – one covered in ruins
the other wild and nothing more
divided, alas
by an unbroachable gulf
of both 227 million kilometers
and an
intelligently designed machine

for 801 days
the separated humanities
communicated by primitive
radio and television wave
and then abruptly
it was cut

the disconnected worlds did not know
but both reached identical conclusions
the system’s undetectable protector
discontinued contact
whether malicious or not
it was against them

On the inner planet
the one of vast technological ruins
the people struggled mightily
grappling with the mechanics
of complex machinery
beyond all their combined skills
despite the odds
many ancient devices soon operated:
data storage archives
power generators
construction and repair automatons
what a world
on it they thrived
while further out
across the breach
they died in spirit-crushing numbers
thirst, starvation, bowels gushing gore
hopelessness and rot beset them
until nothing of old ways remained
three bands of hunters and gatherers
irrevocably split
by details of petty politics

As a century passed
the women and men of Astroturf
conducted experiments
and meticulously documented the results
busting the bastard barrier halving humanity
was their goal
they never gave up
it took two-thousand years
and seven civil wars
and still
they never gave up…

The Imperceptible fell
an occultic monster slain
by generations of scientific study
on the day
the ethereal dictator met vanquishment
all the citizens of Astroturf
took off work
for a week long celebration
that’s lasting effect was a notable boom
nine months later
of much wanted babies
attempted resumption of communication
detected that their brethren
while there and while using radio
were speaking in unrecognizable tongues
thus a slight hiccup
conquered by their computers
in a little over a quarter hour
the translations, however
were less than reassuring
they had gone mad
the natives of Terra Incognita
worshipped precisely that
that which the Astroturf-lings
had neutralized
they killed over it
raped, sacrificed and slaughtered in its name
they called it God
aggravatingly and predictably
they called it God
this news was more than a little disconcerting
but it wouldn’t stand in the way
a team of four ambassadors was selected
garbed in what the Astroturf scientists
now jokingly referred to as God-hide
the very stuff that had cloaked
the inter-world sentinel
they’d fought against so long
they would walk among them
observe the Terra-incognitos
unseen and indestructible
and then
decide how best to bring them back
to their lost human-nature
it was decided not to

the horrors of the planet were ceaseless
wilderness razed and burnt
seas a kaleidoscope of swirling
oil-spill colors
extermination camps
holding thousands
herded daily into gas chambers
treaded smoke-belching vehicles
ground fertile fields of abundance
to muddy ruination
the degeneracy was sickening
and they wanted nothing to do with them

On the way home
a diplomatic solution was reached
they reactivated
the Terra-incognito’s deity
and reprogrammed it
to judge its subordinate subjects
in .00235 milliseconds
it did judge them
and it blessed them with the Armageddon
they had fervently prayed for
for all those too long
two-thousand years

As for the folks of Astroturf
this time
they took two full weeks off
from all forms of labor
the baby boom required
additional hospitals be built
and the moratorium on birth control
be lifted