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Special Victims Unit

April 23, 2015

Privileged by skin and sex
successful from birth
beyond the dreams of many millions
fortunate to be born
into their society and status
blessed by place and time
with all this going for them
they find they cannot be happy
if they are not the victim
so they cling to their perceived victimhood
railing against the world
that denies them liberty
they forge a philosophy of selfishness
one that allows them to bemoan
all those freedoms
from which they feel deprived
emboldened by the pseudo-intellectual garbage
of their movement
they attack rules and regulations
that safeguard the rights and welfare of others
affirmative action is a crime against whites
laws prohibiting rape violate the natural order
that gives the strong dominion over the weak
they promote debunked junk science
to prove their superiority
to exalt their station above those
occupied by lesser races and the gentler sex
culture they believe has been constructed
to keep them down
under an oppressive feminizing thumb
that does not permit a man to be a man
into their fold
they do accept some women
some blacks
some gays
as long as the woman agrees
feminism is unnatural
and the females rightful role
is homemaking and childrearing
as long as the black agrees
the African American is inherently lazy
a moocher looking to take advantage
of white government’s generosity
as long as the gay agrees
homosexuals should not seek equality
but should be content
to keep themselves to themselves
and not flaunt their sexuality rudely
in the faces of easily offended heteros
thus is their big tent maintained