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Home to Roost in the White House

December 6, 2017

Today’s rapists
face a new kind of challenge
too many women
have determined
that rape
is not their guilt, their shame
but rather
that of the rapist
it is a difficult climate in which
today’s rapists operate
always under threat
that their victims
could speak up
and externalize the blame
instead of quietly
internalizing the degradation
until it distills
as concentrated self-loathing
exploding in destructive behavior
slamming doors
on opportunity and growth
those days are over
and today’s rapists
must all be aware and beware
the blame and guilt and consequences
are more likely than ever
to come home to their door…

or, who knows
the fucking pig might just be elected president


Morontological Mystery

November 16, 2017

A black comedian
beloved by millions
turns out
he’s a rapist
it’s big news
lawsuits ensue

A Hollywood producer
who most of the nation
hadn’t heard of
until the accusations
turns out
he’s a rapist
it’s big news
lawsuits ensue

A real-estate mogul
reality TV show host
turns out
he’s a rapist
it’s big news
lawsuits die on the wind
that blows across the country
wafting him into the presidency
so he may rape us all
with absolute impunity
total legal immunity
and unprecedented (by a president) stupidity

Why in the Fuck is it?

August 28, 2017

is it the eloquent manner
in which his vision is expressed
that draws the love of millions?

is it the flop of hay
combed over his crown
or the soul-less cunt eyes
pressed into a dough orange face?

is it the humility
that allows him to boast
of superstar prowess
being the best at everything
from real-estate to moving
on a married woman like a bitch?

is it persecution mania
the public adores
a billionaire commander in chief
who cries how he’s treated worse
than any other politician ever?

is it the calls for violence
against the opposition
or his inability to feel
for others
their pain, their loss, their fear?

is it the sum of all these parts
the totality of the unhinged beast
railing against a world that’s given him everything
its wealth, its land, its opportunities?

is it a monster they have always desired
an ego-centric ghoul
stealing and whining and pussy grabbing
its villainous way across the stage?

whatever it is
it is
and that conclusion
that answer
is the worst

Sugar of Lead

January 5, 2017

The fire trucks speeding
through the mixed business
residential zone
cars hugging the curb
at the insistence
of high crying sirens
this is the efficiency
of the city
vehicles lined up
one by one
disgorging school children
at the early light of day
safe behind orange cones
they exit and run for it
the playground, fenced in
monitored by adults
as they wait for the start of classes
this is the efficiency
of the city
of a structured society
serving, of course,
as all societies always have,
the rich and successful and healthy,
but now, in this rare time,
also serving
the poor and the failed
the crippled and burnt
this is what we stand to lose
the wealthy elite
will always have theirs
but for the impoverished
so easy
to take it all from them
leave them with naught
but hunger, cold and death
this is what we stand to lose
if we do not fight
to hold onto it
now, even if we lose
there is hope
remember what they say
about Hitler
at the least he had
the trains running on time
as if that is genocide’s silver lining
or a diamond in an exceedingly vast
and terribly coarse rough
and it makes me wonder
what will they say about Trump
what will
that one good thing be
O, sweet Christ and shit
you’ll have to excuse
a poet should be more creative
and in that
I am clearly lacking
because I can’t
even come close to conjuring
or imagining
in allegory, metaphor
or in stark
plain as an egg language
one god damn thing
of fucking good
that could be

It is Happening Again

December 20, 2016

Why does it seem that some wars never end
we beat the Nazis now they’re back again

Our thanks to the greatest generation
is piss on their graves and shit on their nation

They fought and bled and died for our liberty
and gave us hope for a new century

Those freedoms won new fascists strip away
the third reich rising from a shallow grave

With theocidal eyes turned to Islam
lining them up for their new world pogrom

Their great dream of war between West and East
sick Christian dogma to wake the beast

So sign up for Christian supremacy
and shit on our veterans’ legacy

Cast your vote for the Nazi president
trash the future in malicious intent

Let’s give our children no world to inhabit
the time’s right to eradicate the planet

It can’t happen here… until it does

It can’t happen here… it just did


December 6, 2016

human to human
what we’ve become
cries for execution and blood
imprisonment without justice
gang rape for vocal women
who speak their piece
applause for death and torture
cheers for pain and sickness
the seeming degradation of
human to human
what we’ve become
is illusion
we’ve always been
this foulness, this disease
this vitriolic rancor
it’s us, who we are
human to human
stockade and gallows
breaking wheel and rack
cucking stool and lash
we dehumanize
convert the screams
of the ones condemned
through brazen bull into ‘moo’
vicious entertainments
to delight humanity’s ghouls
in this knowledge
of history’s ensanguined cruelty
be not surprised
by the maliciousness
of your contemporaries
at those they ostracize
and at those they praise

Wasting Away in Trumparitaville… Sad!

October 14, 2016

you’re gonna be winning
stinking big piles of winning
jobs, walls, tariffs
all of it
that I can tell you
no lie
no lie
but the others
oh, the others
you know what you get
you know what you’re gonna get
brown people everywhere
up to your armpits
rapists and terrorists, okay
you’ll be shot
shot dead
just walking down the street
shot dead
on your way to get a loaf of bread
you have it horrible
believe me
trust me on that
what do you have to lose
international bankers
believe you me
I know international bankers
to tell you the truth
they can’t wait
can’t wait
they’re laughing about it
they do
they do
they laugh about it
believe me
it’s terrible
sick is what it is
what they’re planning
their cabal
I’ll stop them
I’ll fix it
only I can fix it
believe me
trust me on that one
trust me on that
I know
I know
the media
you know the media
I know them
in the pocket
in the pocket of you know who
I know who
believe me
I know who
you know what
trust me on this
don’t worry
we need to say it
we will say it
we’ll take our country back
because political correctness
I hate it too
killing free speech
killing it
huge problem
taking free speech
grabbing it by the balls
twisting ‘em like a bitch
till all of us
speaking squeaky and high pitched
just like faggots
just like ‘em
believe me
it’s literally strangling our testicles
cutting off the oxygen of heterosexual liberty
blue balls
you know
sometimes no means yes
that I can tell you
no means yes all the time
so no more politically correct
let’s just say it
come on
say it with me
you know the word
believe me
we said it
it feels good to say it
so good to be honest
trust me on that
feels good
real good
so good to say it
that I can tell you
that I can

Much Journalism! Great Success!

September 16, 2016

How much ad revenue
by the end of democracy
can be made
if media fan tyranny’s flames
as visions of click-throughs
and dreams of politics
turned reality TV
dance in CEOs’ heads?

Freedom of the press
may come to pass away
a youthful fancy
of forefathers fumbling
at the bra clasp of liberty
but how could they foresee
the ratings bonanza
of a fascist presidency?

Twenty-eight Mexicans
who forgot
the watchtower sniper sees all
Number seventeen
will make you think twice
before going outside again

These six Muslims
forgot to say ‘Merry Christmas’
You won’t believe
what they look like now

Deportation marches
make great streaming feeds

Concentration camps
make excellent pornography

Free childcare
for white rape babies
of deceased mothers… “Compassion!”
the headline screams
“Dear Leaders Great Gift
Make Great Again… US!”
the article continues
and the profits soar and soar… Winning!

So long, so long
as the bodies of dead journalists… Losers!
remain unreported

So long, so long
as the disappearances
of the Greatest Administration’s
political opposition… Dummies!
goes undocumented

So long, so long
as the will of the people
who chant
“Lock her up! Lock her up!”… So True!
“Lynch him! Lynch him!”… Wow, Very Nice!
be cheer-leaded
in the press
then that press
stay free
otherwise… Sad!

Useless Jackasses Who Carry No Weight

March 14, 2016

We are told they are dissatisfied
angry at the president
at the very principles of governance
they shriek and jeer and assemble
commit acts of aggravated assault
make vituperative declarations
against the opposition
who they condemn fully
in no uncertain terms
as all that is wrong
not only with the country
but with themselves
their enemies they blame
for their own awful behavior
as if to say
the Jews brought the holocaust
on themselves
black Africans brought slavery
on themselves
like the misbehaved child
brings upon herself
vicious lashings
blow after whipping blow
of the razor’s strop
of the belt’s buckle
of the saw’s singing blade
an excuse of a rapist
the way she smiled
the way she dressed
the way she walked
she made me fuck her
against her will
likewise for the would-be
purity police who seek
to make America
great again
gay marriage, healthcare reform
unionized labor
Muslims, immigrants
feminists and other uppity thugs
and… activist judges
and… government overreach
and… welfare queens
these animals
and their abuses
they make them do it
make them hurl racial epithets
strangle reporters
beat protesters bloody
and eject all undesirables
from their blanched hate-filled rallies
but for all my consideration
that I’ve given them
I cannot understand their rage
violent crime is at an historic
all time low; unemployment and gas prices
also low
we all live at a time
of plentiful food, water, entertainment
our comfort level inconceivable
to those of only a century past
deadly and debilitating diseases
many of them eradicated
penicillin and vaccines extend lives
improve the quality of life
the means to communicate instantly
from nearly anywhere
in our hands
in our pockets and purses
vast reservoirs of knowledge, information
at our beck and keystroke
even the threat of nuclear annihilation
from the heightened cold war terrors
of thirty years ago
has been greatly reduced
yet still they are angry
they hate
they froth at the mouth
sieg heil and fly confederate flags
they’ve never had it so good
and still they cry and whine
and bitch and moan
throwing temper tantrums, hissy fits
and always playing the victim
persecuted straight white Christians
my only hope for them
my wish
is that these sorry fuckers
have real pain in their lives
never know what it is
to see their children starve
their fields burn
their cities die
because these pampered, privileged, pusillanimous
putrid pansy piles of puke
would simply curl up in a ball
rocking themselves back and forth
no more hatred to shriek
swallowed whole by grief, sorrow
drowned out by their mournful wails
unaware now of nothing more

Lake Snoy

December 16, 2015

“Orver the plentistich
came the grefted nuttering foob
aboisted and delubbered
strooging its nepwidges
here, there, hoplitide
tenzoles clusped in utter mrewl
a fraz of jemfsickle
rendiched bone trame od
furtheron the abersumch
rendressed, sahmjacked and huffed,”
the great man’s fist pounded podium
his pin-eyes scanning sharply
across the pinched beet-faces
of the frothy white mob
as they hooted in delightful outrage
at the great man’s
poignantly incendiary invectives
leveled passionately, honestly
and unabashedly
at every horror of which
his temporarily loyal
fickle followers feared the most
it was, for the great man,
another roaring triumph
and no matter how his detractors tried
they could not weaken his words
using logic, statistics or facts
the accuracy police
would never beat such gut and guttural
emotions into submission and complacency
the beast was snarling free
slobbering its rabid way
right to the heart
of the worst
we the people
ever beheld