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The Cullenary Curse

May 19, 2017

On the all too well lit
city streets
he stalked his prey
police and politicians
had done quite the number
porno shops and strip joints gone
prostitutes were nowhere
but there were Apps now
he’d made a profile
it wasn’t difficult
for a young man (HA!)
like him to find
a willing partner
especially since, really
anyone with DTF
on their account would do
not that that (DTF)
was a must
but it helped
and those sorts of women
weren’t looking for long term
which was good
because he had that
which was bad,
for now, at least
because that was why
he was out
to meet up with a stranger
some brief get to know you chit-chat
check into a room
or a secluded park bench
or a graveyard
and BANG!
always the gentleman
he let her pick
and he did it right
made sure that
even though he didn’t love them
and never could
they got theirs before
he got his
after all, that was why they were out
so it was the right thing to do
but so unnecessary
for a couple reasons
if only his girl wasn’t ‘saving herself’
she said ‘for marriage’
he’d proposed, of course, right away
but she said “that”
was no reason to get married
as if “that” was of no consequence
most churchy chicks
who’ve vowed purity
they go in for oral
but not her, naturally
he had to fall for a girl
who couldn’t even grant him “that”
because her virginity
is more important than these other women
than their lives
how easy life could be
if she did not deny him
her bounty
if he could only sup upon
her pure menstrual spring
but no,
because Jesus wants her to wait
so out he has to go
once a month
into shadowy seclusion
to drain a desperate soul her blood
in order to maintain
his eternal youth,
devilish good looks,
and frustrating vampiric existence

…and as for the sex
that was occasionally okay too
but as far as his dear Stephenie knew
he was only using his dates for food
and as long as it was just “that”
then “that”
was fine by her


Skydiving and Bicycling

September 29, 2015

It was her and it was him
the two people needed
for each other
as she told it to me
she’d never had a boyfriend
but that wasn’t the issue
she’d never been penetrated
that was the issue
except once
by the seat of her bike
when she was struck
from behind at a red light
that wasn’t too long ago
and she was still
in a little pain
at nineteen
it was time to get it done
that old woman had hit her hard
physically and psychologically
the specter of death
swung heedlessly
dangling from her virginity by his scythe
to cut the reaper free
she had to fuck
but it had become too big
too much importance put there
as well as fear and anxiety
taller than the average man
they would be intimidated
and fall into the arms of short girls
she was all skin and bones
sharp angles
elbows, knees and bug eyes
and was losing hope
when her prince fell from the sky
the parachute failed to open
luckily, the field was soft and spongy
on the other hand
the rock broke his back
then again, he was alive
not paralyzed
but for nine months
would be confined within a turtle shell
snapped and strapped and clamped
over back and chest and neck
immobile except for arms and legs
he was the perfect one
a man in only the one way that mattered
with total control
she was not intimidated
he just had to get there
like watering a plant
she poured mezcal into him
and when he ate the worm
he was ready
she laid him on the floor
on his back and he was stuck
pinned like a butterfly on corkboard
through his fly she extracted his penis
tugged it into the appropriate condition
straddled, pushed her undies aside
put it in
helpless to resist
she did all the movements
and in seconds he shot it all upward
from whence he’d fallen
and as quick as you pleased
she tucked him back into his pants
adjusted her panties
and came back to the kitchen
where she told me it was done
we high-fived
and I mixed us Alabama Slammers
as he called to her for help from the other room