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No, on the Contrary, Fuck You Faggots

September 22, 2017

the brave
are not what they seem
bonded as brothers
in momentary desperation
under the impression
their comfort is in danger
of affliction
a world of privilege rocked
economic anxiety
hopelessness and hate herding them
on to march
as if to war
in their own streets
armed and uniformed
as they pick scapegoats
and pass the buck
on personal responsibility

this is not a portrait of courage
but of fearful cravens
cowering in the disguise of force
of numbers
driven by their sense of their growing obsolescence
in dawning horror
at a slowly leveling playing field
and thus bravely do they join
in violent protest briefly
spouting words of valor and supremacy
until foiled and routed
assaulted under words
and public censure
they return to their comfort never lost
now fearful of losing it all
and they cry
a peculiar cocktail of shame and guilt
tearful fits of childish self-pity
groveling to the camera lens
sniveling for the mic
uploading their presumed unjust persecution
for all the world to mock


White Power

February 15, 2017

Lawless carnage
streets stalked by terror
gunfire, grizzly bears, thugs
cries of murder
a nation in hellish free-fall
collapsing in riot, protest
and disrespect
for police, authoritarian institutions
a nightmare urban landscape
of dark angry faces and
shrill women’s voices
raised in violence
this is what America is…

…in the eyes of cowardly white men

a dystopian alternate reality
that could be made right
through military force
through the silencing
of political dissent
the dissolution of civil rights
women’s rights, voting rights
religious and sexual freedoms
because white men are weak
sad, pathetic creatures
who cannot succeed or thrive
without the legislated oppression
of others
the full force of the state
leveled against their perceived foes:
women, minorities, non-christians
this is how white men win
the only way they win
lies, deceit, propaganda, treachery
are the tools they use
to tilt the system to their advantage
so they may ooze into power
power they achieve and hold
only by a gerrymandered
anti-democratic imbalance
if white men had to play fair
were held to the same standards
to which we hold kindergarteners
they’d all be living under bridges
charging illegal tolls
like the loathsome trolls they are

Science and the White Supremacist

January 26, 2017

Western Man, or if you prefer, Europeans and people of European descent, do possess, tenuously, something of which to be proud. It is the West’s greatest gift to the world. Science, the scientific outlook and method is distinctly and uniquely of the West, but the world is its universal home.

Science adheres to irreducible and stubborn facts gained through observation. These facts are passed along from generation to generation within our Universities. This is the pride of the West, specifically, of Western Europe. This is what the West has to be proud of, but white supremacists, the vain descendants of these Europeans, take no pride in Newton, in Vesalius, in Galileo, in Kepler, or Giordano Bruno. Instead they opt to be proud of their heritage, but if their heritage is not science, its irreducible and stubborn facts and their transmission through the generations by the Universities, then what is it?

For them, it’s something so nebulous and genetically fleeting as the color of their skins. It is the conquering war-like spirit of their pre-scientific ancestors: Vikings, Teutons, Saxons, Gauls. They take pride in the ancient parochial squabbles of ignorant savages, in violence, in death, in war, in the type of petty human bickering that was to found the world over.

White supremacists are not proud of the renaissance. They are not proud of scholarly institutions. Rather, they attack Universities regularly for a variety of imagined transgressions, which includes the teaching of science itself. All they are proud of is their pallid complexions.

More than not taking pride in the West’s great gift to the world… the West’s gift to the East… they actively reject science. They reject the irreducible and stubborn facts of scientific observation and posit “alternative facts.” White supremacy’s denial of science includes denying the efficacy of vaccines in preventing disease, denying the hand of man in the alarming climate change rapidly overtaking the planet, denying the genetic, paleontological, geological and comparative anatomical evidence of all life on Earth’s shared biological origin. This denial of the one thing they possess, tenuously, of which to be proud, while simultaneously romanticizing their warrior ancestors in the hallmark of a delusional people on an ideological crusade. And ideologies fail (for example, take Communism and Facsism… please!)

With science we all win, but for the white supremacist the benefits of science are too egalitarian, and for that, they’d rather no one benefit.

I do take heart; however, that their mean irrationality and rejection of facts and evidence will be their undoing, just as it was the undoing of their savage ancestry that they worship so.

(If this post distresses you, then please, do not allow it to do so. I vow my cockamamie poetry shall return on the ‘morrow!)

Clockwork Fascism

November 14, 2016

Between two suns
in a slow figure eight
hour glass orbit
(although the sentient inhabitants
of Ghariph know of neither
“eights” nor “hours)
the planet reaches
intercept and then beyond
where the influence of Ghar
will wane and Riph rise

While bathed in Ghar’s
calming blue spectrum light
peace, compassion and plenty rule
happiness and contentment reign
scientific advancement is made
the People (as Gharian’s call themselves)
pursue pleasure
each to their own path
whether intellectual, physical, spiritual
in all
is an overwhelming sense of acceptance
and approval
from all by all
not that there were no debates
there were plenty
and they were enjoyed
in the pursuit of knowledge
philosophically and logically
but then
the jurisdiction of ascendency
as always it does
by the inevitable
motion of the spheres
those majestic clockwork heavens
transfers to Riph burning blood-red
where the Real People
(as Riphians call themselves)
abhor happiness – not their own ¬–
but that of others
laws and rules become strict
regarding the physical pleasures
schools and other intellectual centers
are demonized, defunded and shuttered
the land becomes no more
than a resource
to be plundered for profit
by any with the strength to take it
denial, avarice and hatred rule
poverty and sorrow reign
the powerful blame and mock the weak
for their weaknesses
there is warfare, hunger and thirst
fields and cities are razed
science is denied
this is how it is
how it’s always been
always will be
Gharians know this
Riphians know this
the sad Ghariphians
both know and lament
hoping someday
a great savior may come
and swallow whole from the sky
the foul red sun
darkening its dominion forever

Useless Jackasses Who Carry No Weight

March 14, 2016

We are told they are dissatisfied
angry at the president
at the very principles of governance
they shriek and jeer and assemble
commit acts of aggravated assault
make vituperative declarations
against the opposition
who they condemn fully
in no uncertain terms
as all that is wrong
not only with the country
but with themselves
their enemies they blame
for their own awful behavior
as if to say
the Jews brought the holocaust
on themselves
black Africans brought slavery
on themselves
like the misbehaved child
brings upon herself
vicious lashings
blow after whipping blow
of the razor’s strop
of the belt’s buckle
of the saw’s singing blade
an excuse of a rapist
the way she smiled
the way she dressed
the way she walked
she made me fuck her
against her will
likewise for the would-be
purity police who seek
to make America
great again
gay marriage, healthcare reform
unionized labor
Muslims, immigrants
feminists and other uppity thugs
and… activist judges
and… government overreach
and… welfare queens
these animals
and their abuses
they make them do it
make them hurl racial epithets
strangle reporters
beat protesters bloody
and eject all undesirables
from their blanched hate-filled rallies
but for all my consideration
that I’ve given them
I cannot understand their rage
violent crime is at an historic
all time low; unemployment and gas prices
also low
we all live at a time
of plentiful food, water, entertainment
our comfort level inconceivable
to those of only a century past
deadly and debilitating diseases
many of them eradicated
penicillin and vaccines extend lives
improve the quality of life
the means to communicate instantly
from nearly anywhere
in our hands
in our pockets and purses
vast reservoirs of knowledge, information
at our beck and keystroke
even the threat of nuclear annihilation
from the heightened cold war terrors
of thirty years ago
has been greatly reduced
yet still they are angry
they hate
they froth at the mouth
sieg heil and fly confederate flags
they’ve never had it so good
and still they cry and whine
and bitch and moan
throwing temper tantrums, hissy fits
and always playing the victim
persecuted straight white Christians
my only hope for them
my wish
is that these sorry fuckers
have real pain in their lives
never know what it is
to see their children starve
their fields burn
their cities die
because these pampered, privileged, pusillanimous
putrid pansy piles of puke
would simply curl up in a ball
rocking themselves back and forth
no more hatred to shriek
swallowed whole by grief, sorrow
drowned out by their mournful wails
unaware now of nothing more

Keep Stuffing Your Fat Faces, Ya Cheap Bigoted Bastards

February 4, 2016

Whatever the cost if illegal immigration
upon the tax-payer
it is more than made up for
by the cut-price food
made possible through the labor
of these people
too often demonized
as disease carrying vermin
as murderers, as rapists
by the very same people
who squeal selfishly
over taxes
while literally feeding
off the cheap fruits
produced off these lamented aspects
of the system they decry