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Gender is as Gender Does

March 13, 2018

Between gender and sex
be not bemused
sex is the concrete formation
the determined
intra- or extra-
-version of your nebulous
abdominal terminus
either dangling for laughs or
neatly tucked away
that is
grotesquely understated
what it is
but genderization
is conceptual
a form held in thought
a confusion
that believes
female is feminine
and male masculine
but neither is either
nor one the other
but both may bleed
freely back and forth
ebb and flow
low and high
forward into
or back out of
what is now cemented
was once
a stirrable slurry
ready to accept the mold, the trowel
and be
whatever it was necessary for it to be
new forms
old shapes
the inside out
fully malleable
cock or cunt or both of the mind


A Double Amputee’s Dream of Legs

June 20, 2017

Please be advised
your gender is in your head
your sex is between your legs
they may not match
they may not mix
but if they do
it’s one less problem for you